Free or Paid Dating

Online dating

Whenever you get something for free you get tempted by the deal. But have you ever thought whether the deal is actually worth it or not? Your time is worth something too, you don’t want to waste it. Free websites give you quick access to the site and you can start messaging different profiles or check different profiles without paying anything. Well, it may sound tempting…

Don’t Be Single

Dating sites

If you want to attract the lady who will best suit you, then you must work hard to be the best version of yourself. Put more focus on improving yourself. One thing that most people don’t realise is that we attract what we are. Therefore, if you work to the best version of yourself, then you will most definitely attract women who are also the best version of themselves.

Zoosk Review

Online dating

Zoosk was Launched back in 2007 and rose fast in the online dating world to surpass and compete favorably with numerous established websites. What stands out about Zoosk is excellent easy to use intuitive, responsive and clean interface. Thus, it is easy to get lost in its world for hours on end. Zoosk currently has a user base of around 40 million from 80 different countries.

Match Review

(3.3) has a lot to offer anyone thinking of online dating. The heartwarming success stories published by users who managed to find their soulmates through the platform is an inspiration to online dating users who are looking for hookups, one night stands, a lover or serious relationships. But having to pay before testing the site, gives us a less positive impression.

Flirtila Review


Flirtila is an online dating site with thousands of members in Europe, South America and even in Russia. If you are looking for online chat, sharing pictures, meeting girls for one night stands a juicy affair or serious relationships, this is definitely a platform to consider. Registering on the site is easy and free. The age limit is 18+ but the site does not have any adult content.

Lust18 Review

(4.7) is an online dating site catering to adults. The site is 18+ and have some adult content for their thousands of members in Europe, included Turkey, Russia, South America and even South Africa. Signing up and testing the site is free for all adults looking for dating, chatting, one night stands, having an affair and also those looking for a serious relationship.