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Whenever you get something for free you get tempted by the deal. But have you ever thought whether the deal is actually worth it or not? Your time is worth something too, you don’t want to waste it. Free websites give you quick access to the site and you can start messaging to a different profile or check different profiles without paying anything. Well, it may sound quite tempting but this whole system has many flaws in it.

Often people keep on searching for a perfect match on dating sites but fail to do so. Even after trying for months you don’t get a perfect match. This happens mainly because you keep on searching for people on “unpaid” websites. It’s time for you to switch to paid dating sites to get better results. is by far the best “pay for use” online dating site we have tested. Let’s throw some light on the matter, why paid dating sites are better than “free” or “subscription” models.

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Reasons to switch to paid dating sites:

Payers are not Players

Let’s get it straight. When your hard-earned money is involved in something, you take it seriously. As you register on a paid dating site, you will find more female users who are actually looking for a companion and not just girls who are playing around, same goes for male members. Also on free dating sites, you can send as many messages as you want. When its free people end up sending random messages to girls and make the whole dating site journey annoying! This is the main reason why your chances on free sites are so much worse than on paid sites.

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We recommend Lust18

Sites with monthly subscription give better results

There are many online dating sites that run on a subscription basis. To get access to the site and send messages you will have to subscribe for a year or a month. Now, this has certain problems. As you are paying for a month or a year, many male users spam girls to get the most out of the subscription, which is basically the same behaviour as on free dating sites.

Also on some sites, it’s very hard to end the subscription. Note that on these subscription model sites you will be asked to subscribe for more than a month. You get it much cheaper if you subscribe for 6 months or one year. So without actually getting to know whether the site actually works or not, you have now paid for something you may not want to use after testing the site. On the other hand, “pay for use” dating sites do not ask for a monthly subscription. Every time you prepare yourself to use it, you pay and use.

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We recommend Lust18

“Pay for use” dating sites are superior

“Pay for use” is a description used for dating sites where you pay for what functions you would like to use on the site, and when you use it. This does not include subscription models, where you pay per month or year, with recurring and/or automated payments.

There are different “pay for use” systems, but the one we would recommend is where you can buy coins to use for what you want on the site. Like on you get access to all functions for free and even get free coins to test the site, so you can try it before deciding to spend any money at all. is also a good example of this.

These kinds of dating sites are superior simply because the girls you find there are the most serious and easy to get in touch with.

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We recommend Lust18

Dead profiles

Many people open up an account in free dating sites just for fun. After a while when they get bored of it, they stop using it and the profile simple gets dead. On free dating sites a vast number of unpaid users have actually stopped using the site. So you can’t identify a genuine profile. You can keep on sending messages to a particular profile but don’t get any response. This is probably because the profile is dead!

On “pay for use” dating sites you will find that there are not many dead profiles. Customer support also check up on their users and ask to delete profiles that are not active. You don’t want to waste coins on messages to members on the site that are not active.

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We recommend Lust18

You are more likely to get the perfect match for yourself!

Paid dating sites are much more efficient and serious than unpaid ones. Good “pay for use” sites such as are basically anonymous, but you have the option to fill out your full bio-data when creating a profile.

You get the option to put details about yourself and what are you looking for in a person, your interests and even what sexual interests or kinks you have, like on

On the members are incentiviced to add their personal details in their profile, add pictures and information, since you get more free coins to do so. Therefore there is a high chance of finding a perfect match for you!

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We recommend Lust18

Better response rate from paid sites

According to our survey messages that are sent on paid sites have a 76% better response rate than on free dating sites. And of course, this means much higher chances of getting a serious date, one night stand or finding a serious relationship.

The reason is obvious because paid sites have a lot more serious and active users.

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